Do you accept walk-ins?


Yes, we do accept walk-ins. It is highly recommended to make a reservation in advance.


Can I pay with cash at the door?


Augment does not accept cash for Virtual Reality purchases. The bar accepts both cash and credit.


I am under 21, can I get into Augment?


We make exceptions, please contact team@augmetnarcade.com and let us know time and date of made reservation or ticket so we can alert staff prior to visit. If you do not contact us prior to visit, you may have your reservation or ticket voided and not be allowed with the minor.


Who do I contact about press inquiries?


Inquiries can be sent to team@augmentarcade.com


I want to work at Augment, how can I apply?


Augment is currently accepting applications for many positions including security, door staff, bartenders, barbacks, and more including managerial, marketing and promotional positions. If you’re interested to join the team, shoot an email to team@augmentarcade.com